CS2 10月5日更新:优化购买指令

[ 图形 ] 删除了模型/纹理细节:非常高的设置,因为它和高的设置是一样的。它们以前是通过纹理过滤模式来区分的,但现在那是一个单独的设置[ 动画 ] 调整了AWP上的手指位置,使其看起来不那么长[ 地

[ 图形 ] 


[ 动画 ] 


[ 地图 ] 

修复和调整了Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, 和Mirage地图上的各种错误

[ 杂项 ] 




修复了"buy <item>“命令,使其与新的灵活装备系统兼容。该命令现在会在你的装备中找到指定的物品,而不是假设一个默认的位置。如果指定的物品不在你的装备中,该命令会失败。要按位置购买,请使用"buy secondary0”, “buy midtier1”, "buy rifle2"等命令






Removed Model / Texture Detail: Very High setting since it was identical to High. They used to differ by Texture Filtering Mode, but that's a separate setting now


Repositioned finger on AWP so it doesn't look as long

[ MAPS ]

Various bug fixes and tweaks to Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, and Mirage

[ MISC ]

Various bug fixes and tweaks to stickers

Adjusted crosshair outline rendering for fractional values

Fixed a bug where disconnecting from and reconnecting to a match would result in less XP

Fixed the "buy <item>" command to work with the new flexible loadout system. The command will now find the named item in your loadout instead of assuming a default slot. If the named item isn't in your loadout, the command will fail. To buy by slot, use "buy secondary0", "buy midtier1", "buy rifle2", etc. instead

Various tweaks to automatic sniper rifle muzzle flashes

Various tweaks to glass impact effects

Added sort options to secondary inventory select panel for actions like applying stickers

Fixed a bug where users in Germany were incorrectly identified as users in China