CS2/CSGO 10月5日上午 1.84g更新日志 2023

ps:这段没get到啥意思,但是刚刚进游戏看了,ps,之前b站有人发过游戏打一半退出重来经验变少的bug[ GRAPHICS ]Removed Model / Texture Detail: Very




  • 删除了“模型/纹理细节:非常高”设置,因为它与“高”相同。它们过去因纹理过滤模式而不同,但现在是 separate setting(直译是,分离的 设置)

    ps:这段没get到separate setting啥意思,但是刚刚进游戏看了,“模型/纹理细节”中的“非常高”设置的确已经删除


  • 将手指重新放置在AWP上,使其看起来不那么长


  • 对Inferno、Anubis、Vertigo、Ancient和Mirage的各种错误修复和调整



  • 贴纸的各种错误修复和调整!

  • 为分数值调整十字线轮廓渲染

  • 修复了从比赛中断开连接并重新连接会导致XP减少的错误


  • 修正了使用的“buy<item>”命令,以在使用新的武器装备系统中使用。该命令现在将在您的装配中查找命名项目,而不是假定为默认插槽。如果命名项目不在您的加载中,则该命令将失败。要按插槽购买,请使用“buy secondary 0”、“buy midtier1”、“buy rifle2”等

  • 自动狙击步枪枪口闪光的各种调整

  • 玻璃冲击效果的各种调整

  • 为二级库存选择面板添加了排序选项等操作,比如贴贴纸

  • 修复了德国用户被错误识别为中国用户的错误 (6)



  • Removed Model / Texture Detail: Very High setting since it was identical to High. They used to differ by Texture Filtering Mode, but that's a separate setting now


  • Repositioned finger on AWP so it doesn't look as long

[ MAPS ]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, and Mirage

[ MISC ]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to stickers

  • Adjusted crosshair outline rendering for fractional values

  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting from and reconnecting to a match would result in less XP

  • Fixed the "buy <item>" command to work with the new flexible loadout system. The command will now find the named item in your loadout instead of assuming a default slot. If the named item isn't in your loadout, the command will fail. To buy by slot, use "buy secondary0", "buy midtier1", "buy rifle2", etc. instead

  • Various tweaks to automatic sniper rifle muzzle flashes

  • Various tweaks to glass impact effects

  • Added sort options to secondary inventory select panel for actions like applying stickers

  • Fixed a bug where users in Germany were incorrectly identified as users in China