PGL哥本哈根CS2 MAJOR 社区直播规则和指南

(不适用国内?)感谢您对作为社区解说员参与 PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024 的兴趣。我们借此机会,温馨提醒您本次活动的社区直播规则和指南。请务必遵守这些规则,以避免您的频道


感谢您对作为社区解说员参与 PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024 的兴趣。我们借此机会,温馨提醒您本次活动的社区直播规则和指南。请务必遵守这些规则,以避免您的频道受到任何潜在的侵权行为。 

● 社区直播者只能在他们的直播中播放 CSTV 的信号。展示任何官方的直播信号,包括游戏内的信号(转播),都是不允许的。请严格遵守这一规则,以避免可能的版权侵权问题。

● 社区直播必须在他们的频道/直播中为任何与 Major CSTV 相关的内容设置 60 秒的延迟。(这不适用于公开和封闭的预选赛)

● 在以下类别的赞助商不允许在您的直播覆盖或频道页面(Twitch 面板,聊天等)上显示 - 通过依赖 Valve 游戏经济的活动来产生收入的公司,例如钥匙转售商或与 Valve 游戏库存(如皮肤,箱子,钥匙)互动的公司。 

● 商业直播实体(线性和数字)默认不允许作为社区直播者。非合作商业直播实体的雇佣社区成员所进行的个人直播也属于商业直播,因此不被允许。

● 社区直播者需要有一个总体良好的社区声誉。

● 目前被 Valve 从赛事中禁止的玩家和/或人物不允许参与您的社区直播,无论是在视觉还是听觉方面。完整的名单可以在这里查看:

● 请使用官方的比赛名称“PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024”或缩写“PGL Major 2024”,如果空间有限的话。 

● 请确保您的观众知道,在直播中表达的观点、思想和意见只属于您,而不属于比赛组织者。 ● 您不应该以任何形式声称代表 PGL,Valve 或 PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024。

● 您有责任在比赛直播期间维持 PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024 的清洁和积极的形象。这包括但不限于您和您选择与之直播的其他人的社交媒体、回应、言辞和行为。

 ● PGL 保留在其自行决定的情况下修改社区直播指南或其任何部分的权利。

Thank you for your interest in covering the PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024 as a community caster. We would like to take this opportunity to kindly remind you of the rules and guidelines set in place for community broadcasts for this event. Please make sure to respect these rules to avoid any potential infringement actions against your channel.

● Community broadcasters can only broadcast CSTV feeds on their stream. Showcasing any of the official broadcast feeds, including those available in-game (re-streaming), is not allowed. Please follow this rule strictly to avoid potential copyright infringement violations.

● Community broadcasts must use a delay of 60 seconds on their channel/stream for the broadcast duration of any Major CSTV-related content. (this does not apply to the Open and Closed Qualifiers)

● Sponsorships in the following categories are not allowed to be displayed on your stream overlay or channel page (Twitch panels, chat, etc.) - Companies that generate revenue through activities that rely on Valve game economies, such as key resellers or companies that interact with Valve game inventories (such as skins, cases, keys).

● Commercial broadcast entities (linear & digital) are, by default, not allowed to act as community broadcasters. Individual broadcasts performed by employed community members of non-partnered commercial broadcast entities also qualify as commercial broadcasts and, thus, are not allowed.

● Community broadcasters need to have an overall good community standing.

● Players and/or personalities currently banned by Valve from events are not allowed to be part of your community broadcast, both in visual and auditory capacities. The complete list is available here:

● Please use the official tournament name “PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024” or the abbreviation “PGL Major 2024” if space is limited.

● Please ensure that your viewers are informed that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the stream belong only to you and not to the tournament organizers.

● You should not claim to represent the PGL, Valve, or PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024 in any form.

● It is your responsibility to maintain a clean and positive image around PGL CS2 MAJOR COPENHAGEN 2024 during match broadcasts. This includes but is not limited to the social media, responses, words, and actions of you and others you choose to broadcast with.

● PGL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the Community Broadcast Guidelines or any part thereof.